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I have a confession to make: I was not born in Maine.  To you non-Mainers this probably elicits a huge yawn.  But to Mainers, this relegates me to being "from away" at best.  Consequently, my observations will always be suspect to the locals.  In many ways, I consider myself a Mainer even if others don't.  It is my contention that being a Mainer is a "state of mind" rather than a "state of birth."


So why is a non-Mainer writing about Maine?  Hey, why not?  Sometimes it takes an outsider to really notice things, sort of like a marriage counselor/referee.  One of the first really good descriptions of early American life was written by Alexis de Toqueville who was a real live Frenchman from France, not a Canadian Frenchman from nearby Quebec.  So there.

Meet the author: Captain Billy C

A sample of some of the drawings you will find in the book.

Captain Billy C